Tamba Black Beans Farm Tour Discovery of Japanese Agricultural Heritage:
Tamba black beans

What is the "Tamba Kuromame" farm tour?

Tamba Sasayama's black beans are cherished by many people for their large size and rich flavor. Did you know that such "kuro mame" are so inefficiently produced that they are called "hardworking beans" a very labor-intensive crop? (kuro:black mame:bean the pronunciation of kuro also means hardworking in japanese.)

This enjoyable farm tour is an opportunity to learn about "Why Tamba's crops are brand-name products,"
"the traditional cultivation of black beans" and "from the field to the dining table",
while listening to the explanations of young farmers inherited Tamba Sasayama's black beans cultivation.
You can also experience harvesting and tasting summer edamame (dekansho edmame)!
Visitors can enter the black beans fields, experiencing the growth process, agricultural systems,
as well as witnessing and participating in the sorting and shipping preparation from the fields to the supermarkets.
You'll also learn about the efforts and innovations of farmers to minimize food loss.
At the end of the tour, you will receive local specialties as souvenirs!

Features of this tour?

Guide by young agricultural teams
inheriting the techniques.

Tamba Sasayama black beans cultivation is registered as a Japanese agricultural heritage, and the cultivation methods been continued for 300 years are still being passed down today. Guiding you on-site will be young agricultural teams who are dedicated to preserving traditional cultivation methods and techniques, upholding the mission of sustaining the next generation of agriculture!

Detailed explanation of the history behind the 'Tamba Brand,' including the climate, environment, and factors that led to black beans becoming a specialty product. Learning about the efforts of farmers who carefully cultivate crops while enhancing their product value.

Through experience,
learn about Japanese culture.

Tamba Sasayama black beans carry on Japan's tradition of osechi culture (New Year's cuisine). Osechi culture is represented by the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage 'Washoku: Traditional Dietary Cultures of the Japanese'. By experiencing the cultivation methods and harvesting process of Tamba Sasayama black beans, you can gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture than ever before.

Acquire new values

By observing and experiencing the sorting and shipping process of summer edamame(dekansho edamame) harvested from the fields, participants can realize the importance of food. By learning about the current situation of food loss and SDGs efforts in agriculture, participants will acquire new values on product selection in supermarkets and specialty stores.
Daily Flow

Young agricultural specialists will guide for you!

Firstly, young farmers inheriting the cultivation of Tamba black beans will welcome your arrival!
Introduce the history of Japan's agricultural heritage and Tamba Sasayama black soybeans.

Visit the farm!

Take a tour of the farm.
You can witness the cultivation system certified as a Japanese Agricultural Heritage.
You will also be able to feel the dedication and passion of the farmers for their crops.
( Contents may vary depending on the timing of your visit)

Around July, experience of hilling

In mid-August, observe the flowers of black beans.

Experience and observe the process from harvesting to shipping!

You can observe and experience the process from harvesting to shipping.
Experience the harvesting of the new specialty product, Dekansho edamame,
try delicious boiling methods,and taste the beans at sampling session.
(Tasting contents may vary depending on the harvest season)
The taste of beans nurtured by farmers is exceptional.

Wonderful Local specialties souvenirs!

After the tour,you will receive rice and agricultural products of Tamba Sasayama as souvenirs.
(Souvenirs may vary depending on the harvest season)
Please enjoy the delicious agricultural products of Tamba Sasayama at home as well.

Application details
Various locations in Tamba Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture (black bean fields)
Period of implementation
July - September
2 hours
Age limit
5,500 yen with souvenir
COVID-19 prevention measures
mask-wearing, disinfection, temperature checks, keep social distance
Reservation required. Final decision on implementation will be made the day before ,due to weather conditions.
Minimum number of participants : 4